Explore a topic in a small group setting in four weekly one-hour classes.

Thursdays | 11:15am - 12:15pm | October 27 - November 17


Students will review concrete models of the four operation and progress towards fluency with basic facts.


The four operations will be explored with larger numbers, including regrouping techniques, multiplying with two and three digit numbers, and long division.

Students will learn to use these arithmetic skills and Singapore box diagrams to solve word problems.

Registration includes one semester of homework club.

Ages 11 and up | Thursdays, 9: 30 - 10:30am | October 27 - November 17


Learn classical geometric construction techniques, including drawing perpendicular lines and bisecting angles. Students will explore patterns used in Islamic design and create their own tiling pattern.

Registration includes one semester of homework club.

Thursdays | 12:15pm - 1:15pm | October 27 - November 17


Students will learn about equivalent fractions, mixed numbers, and performing the four basic operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) with fractions.

This class is suitable for all students who have fraction topics in their curriculum this year:  from those who are ready for an introduction to the topic, through to high school student who could use a refresher before moving on to more advanced topics.

Registration includes one semester of homework club.